This is an early type 94 shingunto koshirae which has had the 2nd ashi removed as per regulation. The lacquered painted saya, pierced tsuba with the retention clip at 9 o’clock and curved tachi styled tsuka with family mon make it easily distinguishable from the later 98 pat gunto.
The koshirae is in good condition and has two linen surrender tags attached. One tag is in Japanese and the other is period English translation.  Further research on the officer, who was a Major in the 228 Infantry Regiment attached to the 38th Division, will no doubt offer hours of enjoyment to the new owner.
The 228 Infantry Regiment was engaged in many campaigns which include:
Hong Kong, Dutch East Indies, Guadalcanal, New Georgia, New Britian and Admiralty Islands.
This koshirae has a look and feel of character……………..
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